Website Backlinking strategies of 2020

It’s no secret in the SEO and digital marketing world that link building is no longer as actively practiced as it used to. The new google penguin update in 2012 banned all artificial link building activities that didn’t cause users any valuable information or served the purpose that they were looking for. A lot of people have preferred to focus on the on-page SEO instead of link building or acquiring more authenticity with more backlinks to your website. However, many of these people do not take into account the fact that links are the number one factor for ranking. If you do not have links along with great content it is much harder to rank your website. Backlinks are the links that are provided on other websites to refer to your content. This means that the traffic that this website receives is ultimately being redirected to your own website. Here are a few strategies for link building that you can apply:

Ask for Backlinks

This is one of the more penguin friendly ways to get backlinks. If you have any friends, colleagues, clients that have a blog you know of ask for a backlink in their main content and not in the sidebar or footer. You must make sure that their content is relevant to your website so that people are gaining useful information out of the backlinks. Irrelevant backlinks might be much more harmful.

Build Relationships

Building good relations with blogs and websites of similar niche is very important for link building. You might not know but there are plenty of opportunities for backlinks that you are missing out on. You must make sure that you build relations with people of niche-specific communities, blogs, forums, or social groups on social platforms like Facebook.

Give a Testimonial

Giving a testimonial is a much more approved strategy than requesting for backlinks in emails. It works for mutual benefit. You typically write a review on a website’s blog about their product, basically promoting their product and in turn, you can link back to your own website or webpage. The more traffic this website gains the more traffic you gain and that much more user trust will be gained by a testimonial on their website.

Focus on Your content

The most useful and effective way to build backlinks is to make sure that your content is useful and relevant to the latest trends in your industry and serves your users with what they are looking for. If you provide quality content on your blog and constantly put in effort into your content then it is much more likely that people will want to link back to your website.

List your site in Trustworthy directories

Directories might have had a bad rap ever since the penguin update however there are still a few good directories that you can consult. Make sure that the directory you list your website provides relevant information about your website and is niche-specific to your particular category. It must be useful to your potential customers.

Guest Posts

You can write guest posts for other niche-related websites who will accept your article and link it back to your website. It is important that your article is professionally and very well-written, non-promotional for your product or your website, and that the article is relevant to your niche.

Look at your Competitors

You must clearly know which of the websites are your competitors. If you notice that certain backlinks are common for all your competitors then you must try to get them too. You can use tools that will not just tell you the source of these backlinks but also what techniques were utilized to get these links.

Know the Authoritative websites to link to

You can analyze your competitors and look at some of the common backlinks that they link to. The common links that most of your competitors link to are most likely an authoritative website. When linking back it will be effective for you to know which websites are authoritative and which of them aren’t.

Reclaim your Backlinks

Sometimes a link to your website might be broken which is a loss of a significant amount of traffic that could have linked back to your website. You must make sure that the links that are linking back to you are not broken or mentioned in the sidebar or footer. Make sure that any mention of your website on any website is supported by links.

Keep an Eye out For New links

Keeping in the loop with your competitor’s latest updates and changes is probably the best way that you can keep your website afloat. You want to make sure that you are keeping an eye out for newer and better links that your competitors are posting and check out these links. You always want to keep your backlinks authentic.

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